(Mr. Thanapol Sirithanachai)

The year 2019 is the year of harvesting success under the 5-year business plan of Golden Land Property Development Public Company Limited. Although business operations during this year will face challenges from many factors both at home and abroad; yet, the Company is able to strive and continue to strengthen its businesses further and deliver for more successes as follows:

  1. The Company is able to generate revenue of over 17,300 million baht or profit 2,180 million baht. The primary revenue is still from sales of residential projects. As for the revenue from the rental of office building projects, it is still growing well. Tenants in each building, including office buildings managed by the Company, are satisfactory.
  2. The Company launched 20 residential projects worth over 21,300 million baht and can generate revenue from sales of over 15,500 million baht. This year, there are many upcountry projects launched, all of which have been well responded by real housing demand of the customers.
  3. The occupancy rate of the office buildings, both managed and owned by the Company, including FYI Center Building, Sathorn Square Building, and Park Venture Building Ecoplex has an occupancy rate of up to 99% and Park Venture Building is able to record the rental price statistics of the country at 1,500 baht per square meter. It reflects the potential in the management of the Company’s office buildings that will be a factor in building an excellent reputation for the Company to build the trust of tenants of the building and lead to the decision to rent the building in the future.
  4. The successful launch of the Samyan Mitrtown project (launched on 20th September 2019), which consists of office buildings, retail, hotels, and residences. Its retail or shopping center has drawn significant interest and became famous as Talk of the Town that attract all walks of live to visit Samyan Mitrtown with much higher traffic than expected. This traffic flows in better spending for tenants and shops than what are expected.
  5. The Company has invested in developing applications to increase the efficiency of customer service in terms of residential projects, commercial projects, office buildings, shopping centers, and enhance the employees’ work efficiency.
  6. The Company moved to the new office at Mitrtown Office Tower in the Samyan Mitrtown Project, a modern building that fits the transition to the digital organization.

    With the confidence that the success of the Company must have substantial internal factors, whether it is cooperation and support from all parties, including customers, shareholders, executives, and employees. As the President of the Company, I would like to thank all those involved in driving the organization to grow steadily throughout the past years. I want to give a promise that the Company will stand firm in achieving its sustainability leadership position in the country’s property development market.

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