(Mr. Wanchai Sarathulthat)
Chairman of the Board

2015 is another prosperous year for Golden Land Property Development PLC in which the Company successfully achieved its performance target while in the previous year, 2014, it also experienced a record-breaking achievement. The Company’s low-rise residential developments have received a great response from the market, as has its other commercial activities such as commercial developments, office rental business, and serviced apartment activities.

The real estate business faced tremendous challenges in the past year as the country’s economy generally had not fully recovered from its slump. Financial institutions have also been very cautious in reviewing and granting residential home loans. However, the government’s stimulus packages for the real estate sector which were launched in the last quarter of 2015 have largely improved the market sentiments.

The office rental market for the year revealed continued growth in rental demand and rate. This growth trend is expected to carry on with the continual support of stronger market demand. Business operators, both newcomers and existing ones, who are expanding their business have actively engaged in pre-lease contracts. This directly posed a significant positive impact on the Company’s business performance.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Golden Land Property Development PLC, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our shareholders, management, and staff who have always supported our operations leading the Company to achieve its present success. All of this support has meaningfully driven the Company towards its sound and sustainability business goals. Finally, I would also like to reiterate the commitments of the Company to abide by principles of good governance and to diligently work to create greater business values and enhance the best and most sustainable results for all our stakeholders.

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